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SONTAL Toléne® CLA 300 Softgels

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SONTAL Toléne® CLA 300 Softgel capsules for sensible weight management.

SONTAL Toléne® CLA is a speciality product, which has been clinically proven to reduce body fat, while maintaining lean body mass and preventing fat regain.

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Why Toléne® CLA?

  • Unless you follow a strict diet and exercise program you struggle to maintain your ideal weight.
  • Stop the yo-yo effect. Take control your weight by using SONTAL Toléne® CLA.
  • You can reach your ideal weight without over-complicating your diet and workout regimen.


  • Decrease the amount of fat your body stores.
  • Maintain lean muscle mass by burning calories more efficiently.
  • Prevent fat cells from refilling, so you remain toned and lean.
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Sontal lifestyle nutrition

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