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SONTAL GI Low StarchLite® 60 Capsules

van Sontal lifestyle nutrition

SONTAL GI Low StarchLite® for Carb Control is made of all-natural white bean extract, which decreases the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates, to help you prevent weight gain.


Why GI Low StarchLite®?

  • Although you love carbs, you have to avoid eating some of your favourite foods to prevent weight gain.
  • Relax your strict diet. Use SONTAL StarchLite® to reduce the impact of calories.
  • You can eat more of your favourite foods without feeling guilty.


  • The caloric impact of sugars resulting from starch digestion is reduced.
  • Conversion of sugars coming from starch into fat is lessened.
  • Weight gain from starch in meal is limited.
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Sontal lifestyle nutrition

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