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Know who you are and understand others better [e-Boek]


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Learn to embrace your own and others’ unique personalities!

Understand yourself and the people around you better. In the book you can determine your own personality type and that of others. Find out what colour you are – red, yellow, blue or green!

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Why do some people see the glass as half-filled and others not? Maybe you wonder why the boss is so impatient and short-tempered or why that colleague wants to do everything perfectly.

People’s personalities are different, which one of these are you:

  • Yummy Yellow craves attention and is optimistic and popular
  • Raving Red craves to be in control and is a doer
  • Groovy Green wants to keep peace and is calm and quiet
  • Brilliant Blue aims for perfection and is prone to pessimism

After you’ve read Know who you are you will know who you are and you will be able to make your strengths count. And you will also know how not to get trapped in your weaknesses.

You will be able to understand other people and welcome each person’s unique personality in your life.

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