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Fluffy French Bulldog Plush Rattle For Kids

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This fluffy french bulldog will guard your baby as he sleeps. The french bulldog plush baby rattle is a great companion to your newborn baby. Like the real pet our french bulldog plush baby rattle stays by your kid’s side all the time. While it may not grow up with your child it surely will watch your child grow up and accompany him through all the childhood years. All Kideroo plush baby rattle toy for kids are handmade. They are completely safe for even newborn babies to use. We use an anti-allergenic material in the toy fill anti-bacterial natural hardwood teething ring as well as 100% twill cotton on the exterior. Only the best for your little prince or princess and we deliver. While not compromising on quality we deliver an amazing product at a highly competitive cost. Buy a single fluffy french bulldog plush baby rattle for your child or buy the entire set of little critter plush set from Kideroo. Loved by all children from the ages of 0 to 4.

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Every child needs a best friend, and our fluffy french bulldog plush baby rattle promises to be one to your little darling. With long-lasting, handmade, high-quality, durable build, our fluffy french bulldog rattle will be your child’s friend a long time. The modern design for our plush baby rattle toy for kids also makes it stand out from the crowd.

We use our design in monochrome colours as an aid in developing your child’s brain. Research shows how black and white contrasting colours aid in developing motor skills in your children. It also helps in developing verbal skills and improves attentiveness in young children.

While we care about making a fun rattle toy for kids, we also care about making a safe toy for your newborn baby. We use only top quality materials that are 100% safe for your child. The dyes we use on our all our products are completely natural and food grade. The toy fill is eco-friendly and non-allergenic.

We also have a teething ring attached to our french bulldog plush baby rattle that is completely natural hardwood. It’s a kid-friendly anti-bacterial teething ring which makes a great product for your child.

Perfect for your little princess as well as your little prince this unisex french bulldog plush baby rattle is a perfect first toy for all children ages 0 to 3. Weighing in at only 48 grams it is super comfortable for your child to use, rattle, chew on and have fun with.

As easy it is for your child to use, it’s easier for you as a parent to clean. A gentle hand wash with warm water is all that’s needed to clean this fluffy french bulldog plush baby rattle for kids.

A great gift for family and friends, our fluffy french bulldog plush baby rattle is perfect for all occasions. Buy one or the whole set and have the trendiest nursery in town.

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