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Delicious Fruits Rattle Set For Kids

van Kideroo

This lovely set of delicious fruit rattle for kids is a must-have toy for your baby. Not only are they fun to look at but they’re also extremely functional fun and safe toys even for newborn babies. The plushy pear the bubbly banana the baby soft apple and cosy newborn watermelon make for great companions for your newborn baby. The sleepy designs on the plush rattle face combined with the gentle rattling of the toys will help your child to a deep sleep and sweet dreams. The softness of the rattle for kids will provide your baby with a cuddly companion at night and a fun-loving friend in the morning. Buy the whole set of the delicious fruit rattle for kids by Kideroo. Mix and match styles on your baby’s day out and place them all together to add to the theme of your child’s room. An exciting and fun first toy for every child; buy your’s today.


Meet your baby’s best friends growing up. The bubbly banana baby rattle, the cosy newborn watermelon rattle, the plushy pear rattle and the baby soft apple plush rattle for kids. The cuddliest companions for newborn babies, these rattles are the ultimate in luxury toys for kids at an affordable price. The whole delicious fruit rattle collection for kids is a great toy for any baby room.

The softest cotton twill used on the baby rattle makes them smooth and cuddly. The anti-bacterial hardwood teething ring provides a safe chewy accompaniment during the painful teething years. The teething ring is also completely natural and non-toxic. The gentle rattling sounds excite the baby into a playful demeanor in the morning and the same rattle lulls the baby into a peaceful slumber at night.

The subtle colours on the delicious fruit rattle for kids also add a beautiful element to your baby room. The design of each fruit rattle is unique with smiling friendly faces on the rattles. Kideroo makes each of its wonderful kid’s toys like these lovely fruit rattles in South Africa. They’re handmade and each toy is designed to bring the most amount of joy to your child.

Kideroo’s mission is to provide fun, exciting and affordable toys for kids. We have worked very hard to ensure that our products are available to the highest number of families. Our reasonably priced kid’s toys have been entertaining families all over the world. They make for excellent gift items for baby showers, birthdays, gender reveals and many more occasions.

Suitable for all genders and kids between the ages of 0 to 8 the delicious fruit rattle pack for children is a fantastic toy for newborns. When you buy a rattle set for your baby, you’re not just giving them their best friend, you’re also joining the largest kids toys family in South Africa. Buy the set today.

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